Juneau Alaska is the capital of the state and wonders abound throughout Alaska’s third largest city...

Mendenhall Glacier Tour

This Juneau tour gives you the chance to spend as much time as you like exploring Juneau's most famous natural landmark - The Mendenhall Glacier. This ancient ice form is part of the Juneau Ice Field, one of the world's largest and something you will truly never forget.

Because there is no specified time for the shuttle and you can come annd go as you please within our operating hours, the seats are first come first serve. Juneau's natural treasure, the Mendenhall Glacier is one of 38 glaciers flowing from Juneau's massive 1,500-square-mile ice field.

While on your Juneau glacier tour, you can explore this glacial wonder from a variety of perspectives like Nugget Creek Falls and Photo Point Trail, which winds along Mendenhall Lake to an unobstructed view of the glacier's face. There you can also visit the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center for an elevated view of the glacier as well as interactive geological exhibits explaining glacier formation.

There are often surprises for visitors who take this Juneau glacier tour as bears and other animals are commonly seen, depending on the time of year. Don't miss this chance to get up close and personal to one of the planet's most well-known glaciers.




$30.00 + Tax


TOUR TIME: 1 hour of transportation (30 to the glacier - 30 back downtown), plus the amount of time you choose to spend there.

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